$25,000 guitar goes on an wild adventure


$25,000 guitar stolen and returned at Sky Music


The power of social media was on display this week following the theft of a $25,000 guitar from Sky Music in Clayton.

It took store manager Henry Dalkin just 32 hours to get his prized instrument back with the help of a widely-shared post on Facebook.

The limited-edition Gibson Les Paul 50th Anniversary of Marshall Amplifiers commemorative model was calmly carried out the door during Sunday afternoon trading by an individual who remarkably remove the guitar from its hangar 16 feet high before placing it in a case and strolling away with his valuable loot.

When he realised the guitar was missing Mr Dalkin reviewed CCTV footage and decided to share an image online of a person he believed would be able to shed light on the guitar's fate.

Within hours the Sky Music Facebook page was inundated with messages of support as over 1000 people shared the post on their own walls and soon over 200,000 people had viewed the post.

Mr Dalkin said the swell of support from the Facebook community was overwhelming.

"I was genuinely surprised just how much attention we had over the missing guitar," he said.

"We were pleased with the support, we're really grateful people wanted to help out by sharing our post."

It wasn't long before the story grabbed the attention of media outlets and Mr Dalkin found himself discussing the missing guitar on ABC 774's morning program with Jon Faine on Monday.

By midday Monday several community members had reached out to Sky Music with information and it wasn't long before Mr Dalkin knew he had the information he needed.

"The person I wanted to talk with had bought things from us before, I was sure we had his details in our system.

"I just needed a name to look him up."

Mr Dalkin had discussed the case with Police, who upon reviewing all Sky Music's evidence had started the process of obtaining a search warrant for the prime suspect's residence.

But fearing the rare collectible guitar would likely have already been moved on Mr Dalkin decided to reach out to the man identified from his Facebook post for help.

"We exchanged some messages and phone calls and after some persuasion he was happy to help me out," said Mr Dalkin.

"Within a few hours the guitar was dropped off out the front of Sky Music and the saga came to an end."

Mr Dalkin said his hunch the guitar would no longer be in the thief's hands turned out to be correct and the man from his Facebook post had played a vital role in recovering the guitar.

He said while the thief would no doubt have been arrested, it was unlikely he would have ever seen the guitar again had Police proceeded with their arrest warrant.

"My only real concern was getting my guitar back," he said.

"Despite some reluctance to work with me at first, the man I tracked down via Facebook eventually stepped up and made sure I got my guitar back in one piece.

“He was very helpful and I think was just as relieved as I was to see the guitar make its way back to Sky Music."

Mr Dalkin said whoever ends up buying the guitar will appreciate the story that now comes with it.

“I think it’s brilliant, an epic story to go with an amazing guitar.”



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us all. My luck is gone, and my sons.” He was weeping freely now, salt tears streaming

Eastwatch. There’s still Halder, though. And Toad. His real name is Todder, but he looks


07/05/16 at 12:07:23

women are all giving up their virtue to every peach-fuzz boy with a gold rose on his



07/05/16 at 13:04:25

“There is no man fitter.” Stannis sheathed Lightbringer, gave Davos his hand, and

it to her lips.


07/05/16 at 14:07:46

Dothraki have not ridden against Unsullied since they left their braids at the gates of

Tyrion slid a hand under his father’s chain, and twisted. The links tightened, digging


07/05/16 at 15:04:30

when my sun-and-stars was dead Mago took her back, used her again, and killed her.

across the sky and a hard black rain pounded against the stones of Riverrun. Ser


08/05/16 at 01:57:51

clear your head.”

“You can read writing?” he said to her, wonderingly, as if she’d said she could walk on


08/05/16 at 02:50:58

Ser Axell proposed to use Salladhor Saan’s fleet and the men who had escaped the

gate. Varys produced a key. They stepped through into a small round chamber. Five


08/05/16 at 03:43:17

exploded from the branches of an alder. But the trees were thinning now, and suddenly

need is now The Unsullied are well trained, but even so, many will fall in battle. I shall


08/05/16 at 04:36:22

“Tarth,” Jaime said. “A ghastly large rock in the narrow sea, as I recall. And Evenfall is

“That Longspear stole me daughter. Munda, me little autumn apple. Took her right out


08/05/16 at 05:34:08

you can stay here.” She climbed back into the saddle, ignoring the both of them. If they

Grunting, she came at him, blade whirling, and suddenly it was Jaime struggling to


08/05/16 at 06:42:20

first wife give him sons?”

on the door wore the crimson cloaks and lion-crested helms of his father’s household


08/05/16 at 07:36:11

Cleos squinted downriver. “Smoke.”

a hand toward the torch in the wall sconce. “This is all that stands between you and the


08/05/16 at 08:30:29

eyes on Winterfell.”

of the mountain now, and on its side the great black citadel with its gargoyles and


08/05/16 at 09:23:02

wildlings. “The fear on that big moon face made him want to laugh. “Bugger them all to

scullions and washerwomen and serving girls. Inside the throne room, knights and


08/05/16 at 10:18:24

“And break your oath?” he snarled. “Like me?”

“Shae . . . “He reached, but she spun and slipped free.


08/05/16 at 11:35:18

“How can you know that?”

off the front of his breeches.


08/05/16 at 12:39:05

heard of you, Ser Osmund?”



08/05/16 at 13:38:37

“I was hoping one look at this sweet face of mine would be enough to persuade you all

smallfolk walked. Yoren had given them mounts when he took them from King’s Landing,


08/05/16 at 14:35:56

Greyfeather. Four or five more. Me.”

my flames.”


08/05/16 at 15:28:51

she saw. One of the other Freys was trapped beneath his dying horse, drowning in a foot

“Yes,” said Dany, “but my brothers are dead.”


08/05/16 at 17:15:28

and cabbages we could trade you.”

man with thick arms and a bent back, stepped to the rail. “It will cost you.”


08/05/16 at 18:07:50


chivalrous as he was elderly, Pyke younger, bastard-born, rough-tongued, and bold to a


08/05/16 at 18:58:55

strips. Those went into his helm as well. “If I had more wine, Id drink till I was dead to

someone yelled, “Here’s to the Young Wolf and Queen Jeyne.”


08/05/16 at 19:50:44

Tyrion lapsed back into moody silence. Sansa heard the distant clank of chains from

Wildlings flew to meet them, shouting war cries and waving clubs and bronze swords and


08/05/16 at 20:42:21

screaming, the giants roaring in the Old Tongue. Their drums echoed off the ice like

Tywin’s host. They crossed the Red Fork in strength and swept up into the riverlands,


08/05/16 at 21:34:30

to walk guard with Bryen anymore, and mostly all he did was sleep, but when she patted

down inside, and join up with Gendel’s children. I don’t ever want t' leave this cave, Jon


08/05/16 at 22:27:40

“It’s only blood, Jon Snow. He missed the eye, just ripped your skin up some.”

had always thought that Lysa had simply been a little late, but if she had been with


08/05/16 at 23:20:23

The skiff rocked. He heard a soft splash, and when he glanced around, Brienne was

“Willas, Willas, Willas.” Willas was as good a name as Loras, she supposed. They even


09/05/16 at 00:13:21

now styles himself King of the Isles and the North, has written to us offering terms of

“And your brother?”


09/05/16 at 01:07:03

Something must be done. We shall darken your hair before we bring you back to the

with one long slash. Then he gave him a rough shove, and the wildling fell forward,


09/05/16 at 02:00:16

them down. These two were of his ilk. Only blood can pay for blood.”

She found her clothes where she had hidden them, the night before last. With no


09/05/16 at 02:52:29

“The Unsullied you may have seen in Pentos and Myr were household guards. That’s

rot in that bloody dungeon, and the chains were no great help either. His eye closed, his


09/05/16 at 03:46:01

“We can’t go back emptyhand, Lark,” rumbled Small Paul through the brown whiskers

there.” She was the first one back in the saddle. It made her feel bad to hide the truth


09/05/16 at 04:39:52

Dondarrion, Harwin told her, and they were scattered. “It was a trap, milady. Lord Tywin

grey shapes stalking through the trees all around her, their eyes shining. Whenever she


09/05/16 at 05:34:07

“I always drink before battle.”

with shouted commands and the clatter of steel. “Fly!” Sam called as he tossed the raven


09/05/16 at 06:27:56

angry and ashamed.

East and north and northeast, he saw bands of wildlings trying to stand and fight, but


09/05/16 at 08:25:35

leagues in circles, round and round the crenellations. The Wall wept and the sun crept

Maester Aemon sniffed Jon’s wound again. Then he put the bloody cloth back in the


09/05/16 at 09:18:51

“So how did you come by your other names?” Jon asked. “Mance called you the Horn-

maester’s hand. Jon did not move, except to pound his fist against the table, again and


09/05/16 at 10:18:13

“Yes,” Roose Bolton said. “His blood is tainted, that cannot be denied. Yet he is a good

“Joffrey and Margaery shall marry on the first day of the new year, which as it


09/05/16 at 11:18:18

listened, heard the faint sound of water. “Ygritte?”

but it had not come to that, till now. Once I shed a brother’s blood I am lost. I cross the


09/05/16 at 12:11:56

When he reached the bed Tyrion pulled the draperies aside and there she was, turning

“Lannister friendship could mean much.” Jaime thought he knew the game they were


09/05/16 at 13:04:43

for a moment. Then her cheeks reddened as if she had been slapped. “No. Not again. I

He found the maester seated at his long wooden table covered with books and scrolls,


09/05/16 at 13:57:08

back. His arms encircled her; on the left, the burned arm, he’d donned a steel vambrace

beets, and wine bouncing, spilling, and sliding across the floor.


09/05/16 at 14:51:38

from the olive grove toward Oznak zo Pahl.

Roose Bolton’s eyes were paler than stone, darker than milk, and his voice was spider


09/05/16 at 15:45:04

were so tight she could scarce breathe in them.

enemy. The only enemy that matters.” He considered Sam again. “I am told that you and


09/05/16 at 16:38:02

The marcher lord moved the sword from the right shoulder to the left, and said, “Arise

down from a hard blue sky, but he did not like the noises. The wind made a nervous


09/05/16 at 17:30:30

think to play the innocent with me, you vile little liar. All those years in Riverrun, she

I knew they were outlaws, Arya thought, listening. Her hand went under the table to


09/05/16 at 18:23:06

people, none of whom paid him any mind. A dark young man and a pretty blonde woman

to bear. Robb was doing all he could, yet still the blows kept falling, one after the other,


09/05/16 at 19:14:54

dark trees, and wondered if she were still dreaming. Drifting snowflakes brushed her face

the moment came he would slip away and ride for Castle Black. The moment never


09/05/16 at 20:06:41

shafts through you before you could hope to reach us.”

“At least you look at my face. I’ll give you that, you little she-wolf. How do you like


10/05/16 at 14:03:52

afterward. “My father had the Reynes and Tarbecks, the Tyrells have the Florents, Hoster

his lap, but now he slid it out.


11/05/16 at 11:40:22


keep you safe while your dragons grow, and send secret envoys across the narrow sea


11/05/16 at 13:05:08

“Coldhands,” said Bran impatiently. “The green men ride on elks, Old Nan used to say.

Aemon. “Yet it may be good for the Night’s Watch, in the end. That is not for us to say.


11/05/16 at 14:44:09

“That’s only Ser Alliser,” said Sam. “Everyone knows the sort of man he is.” With his

gone for years, but Lord Balon was no sooner cold than there he was, sailing into


11/05/16 at 15:55:52

he could. if they made haste, he might even arrive in time for Joffrey’s wedding.

Kingdoms without such risks? Am I to conquer Westeros with one exile knight and three


11/05/16 at 17:08:20

above us and snow in the high passes,” the village elder said. “If you don’t freeze or

babe at her breast?”


11/05/16 at 18:50:12

to protect her, but that was as cruel a jape as the crown the Freys had placed atop the



11/05/16 at 20:01:46

and bared his teeth, prepared to defend his kill. “Back off,” Arya told Gendry. “Slow, so

served him for his helm. “I’m here for him.”


11/05/16 at 21:13:49

“Refused our sweet Cersei?” That put Tyrion in a much better mood.

“A spy?” That frightened her. If they’d caught one, how many others might have


12/05/16 at 11:31:19

banners flew from the Lance, Hardin’s Tower, the Grey Keep, the Shieldhall, and other

furrow. Though I suppose we ought to find him. He is a Lannister of sorts.”


12/05/16 at 12:48:40

now. I’m a craven. And fat. Look how fat I am. Besides, Lord Mormont’s hurt. Can’t you

“Lord of Light, protect us,” the queen sang. The king did not respond with the others.


12/05/16 at 14:09:16

daughters and granddaughters who had not had a turn with the king. “Your sisters dance

Blackwater, that’s why. Died at their oars, or with swords in their hands, fighting beneath


12/05/16 at 15:31:16

cloak.” He turned in the saddle to smile at Edmure. “But you are strangely quiet, Lord



12/05/16 at 16:45:23

ripples of blood and night. Three fullers, deeply incised, ran down the second blade from

flesh. Steel and fire will serve for them. The ones you call the Others are something


12/05/16 at 17:54:59

them. But Lady Lysa would hear no complaints against him. Since coming to the Eyrie,

chalky potion. It was all he could do not to retch it back up.


12/05/16 at 19:06:39

cows for milk, and the river water tastes of war, with all the dead men drifting

than he remembered. His legs were stiff as well, and unsteady when he put his weight


12/05/16 at 20:13:18

Maegor’s Holdfast was the strongest place in the Red Keep, a castle within the castle,

“There was no one in the tent but you and Lady Stark. Do you claim that old woman


12/05/16 at 21:18:36

glittering in gilded armor and the Tyrell girl splendid in green with a cloak of autumn

duty, instead of crowning himself and riding off to conquer the riverlands, he might be


13/05/16 at 09:47:15

“And Val’s no man,” white-bearded Tormund snorted. “You ought to have noticed that

to see that she could be as graceful on the dance floor as in the training yard. Catelyn


13/05/16 at 11:02:25

sewer rats and a wooden cock, in less than a day. Poor Groleo. He still grieved for his

been the last. The others were far scattered, like leaves blown by the wild wind.


13/05/16 at 12:20:12

yet another blade into her heart. “The grandsons at Winterfell? “she made herself ask.

The Lady Lysa giggled like a girl. “Oh, Petyr Baelish, you are so wicked. No, I say no, I


13/05/16 at 14:07:19

loaded up their mules and garrons and departed for Deep Lake; its iron portcullis

send the Kingsguard to escort me to trial. I am still a member of the royal family, am I


13/05/16 at 15:18:15

to snarl to drive him off, or else he would have fed. Only then did she stop to shake the

his curls, gold on gold. I saved that bloody crown for him. Tyrion shifted his weight


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